Property & Craft

Via the JAROWA platform, insurance companies and property managers efficiently process their orders for skilled craftsmen and other service providers. The complete process, from the award of the contract to the release of the invoice and the involvement of the policyholder or tenant, is efficiently and digitally mapped on the platform. The affiliated and exclusively selected businesses and service providers for skilled trades benefit from existing and additional orders, which they receive in a standardised form in order to simplify the receipt of information and coordination of the work.

How does the network work and what are your advantages?

Who are our clients?

We consider business partners such as insurance companies and service providers in the same way as our valued customers. Our goal is to provide the best possible support to all stakeholders. So both insurance companies and representatives of the service providers were closely involved in the development of our service platform.

How can you register?

In order to register on the service platform, you must either be nominated as a trusted provider by a business partner such as an insurance company, or you must contact our network manager responsible to apply for acceptance.

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