Interpreting & Translation

Daniele Giannotta I Network Manager Interpreting & Translation I


"My goal is to offer a wide range of qualified interpreters and translator to all government agencies, insurance companies and other organisations, both throughout Switzerland and internationally. After registering on the JAROWA Service Platform, you have an uncomplicated and digital access to professionals who are immediately available. The subject-specific specialisations of the interpreters and translators enable everyone looking for an order to receive tailor-made, high quality and reliable service."

Who are our customers?

 We regard our business partners, such as authorities or insurance companies, as well as interpreters and translators, in the same way as our valuable customers. Our goal is to provide all stakeholders with the best possible support. The development of our service platform therefore closely involved both insurers and interpreters and translators.

How can you register?

In order to be able to register on the Service Platform, you must either be nominated as a trusted service provider by a business partner, such as a government agency or insurance company, or you must contact our respective Network Manager to apply for registration.