The selected and trusted doctors and case managers on the JAROWA platform are able to work efficiently and securely with their clients, such as insurance companies, authorities, or larger companies. The service providers can individually offer which services they provide under which conditions. For their part, the clients benefit from the high-quality order processing, fast feedback on the orders and secure, standardized communication.

How does the network work and what are your advantages?

Who are our clients?

We regard business partners such as insurance companies and the legal profession as being equally valuable clients, and our goal is to provide all stakeholders with the best possible support.  Both insurance companies and representatives of the legal profession were thereby closely involved in the development of our service platform.

How can you register?

In order to register on the service platform, you must either be nominated as a trusted provider by a business partner such as an insurance company, or you must contact our network manager responsible to apply for acceptance.

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