Christian Akeret I Network Manager Healthcare I


 "The selected doctors on our Service Platform should be able to work together closely and efficiently with the well-known Swiss insurance companies.

The doctor can offer his hourly rate individually for the large order volume of reports, consultations and plausibility checks. The processing of the orders takes place in a standardised and secure manner.

The insurance companies, in turn, benefit from high-quality order fulfilment, fast job feedback, and secure, standardised communication."

How does the network work and what are your advantages?

Who are our clients?

We regard business partners such as insurance companies and the legal profession as being equally valuable clients, and our goal is to provide all stakeholders with the best possible support.  Both insurance companies and representatives of the legal profession were thereby closely involved in the development of our service platform.

How can you register?

In order to be able to register on the service platform, you must either be nominated by a business partner, for example as a trust attorney by a legal protection company, or you can contact the respective network manager to apply for admission to the network.