Expert opinion = JAROWA

Is a medical opinion required? Or an expert opinion on a motor vehicle or building? Order a professional expert opinion from trusted partners on the JAROWA platform. 


Benefit from the wide range of professional experts on the JAROWA platform. The JAROWA platform focuses on trusted partners who have been specifically nominated by insurance companies as existing, high-quality partners for the JAROWA platform, or who have been hand-picked by our network managers. 


For the following subject areas and for all language regions in Switzerland, you can process expert opinions via the JAROWA platform. 

• Expert medical opinions in all fields such as psychiatry, rheumatology, surgery,or internal medicine 

• Expert opinions on motor vehicles

• Expert opinions in the field of buildings & skilled trades

• Expert opinions in the field of law


Access to the reviewers can be activated for you quickly and easily. If you are interested, please contact Andreas Akeret by e-mail (