From left to right: Cyril Kägi (Network Manager Property & Craft), Christian Akeret (Network Manager  Healthcare), Ueli Marti (Network Manager Legal advice), Roy Vayalathu (Head of Technology & IT Operations), Ana Betschart (Requirements Engineering), Andreas Akeret (CEO), Habib Gzara (Head of Strategy & Business Modelling)


Absent: Albrecht Bereuter (Head of Germany & Austria), Katherine Lee (Head of Communications), Tamara Jost (Technology & IT Operations), Sophy Roy (Technology & IT Operations)

Board of directors


Urs Berger (Chairman)

Chairman of the Board of "Schweizerische Mobiliar Versicherungsgesellschaft AG"
Former Chairman of the Swiss Insurance Association (Schweizerischen Versicherungsverbandes SVV)


Rolf Schafroth (Vice-chairman)

Expert for Strategy & Digital Business Models


Claudio Gienal



Andreas Akeret

CEO & Co-Founder of JAROWA AG


Ueli Marti

Former General Counsel und Head of Compliance

Mission & Vision

In 2016, a drainage pipe was responsible for water damage in Habib's new apartment.


The simple goal of repairing the soaked fitted carpet resulted in a tedious process between the policyholder, the insurance company and the potential service providers. Quite a few rounds were needed to find the right service provider, and for the requests to the insurance company to approve the order and thereby repair the damage.


This inefficiency sparked the vision of networks that connect the market participants, increase customer convenience, simplify administrative processes and assign jobs to the best service providers.


Our mission is to build up communities of service providers and to connect them to clients and end users. We intend to achieve this by strengthening the individual market participants and improving mutual communication through modern technology and digital knowledge.


We believe in the collective power of communities and the mutual trust created by an uncomplicated cooperation and the joy of belonging.