Deploy JAROWA in the right way to cope with current challenges and continue to offer your customers a high quality service.

Our tradesmen are still available to serve you despite the current challenges.


For urgent cases the JAROWA platform can be used as normal. For less urgent cases the current situation means that some customers may not want craftsmen to visit. In order to offer a high quality and continuous service in these cases as well and at the same time to protect the health of your customers and craftsmen, book the first appointment at a later date (e.g. June).


When commissioning the work, please note in the "Availability of contact person or possible appointments" field not only availability but also when the first appointment with the craftsmen should take place according to the customer's wishes. (e.g.: first appointment in June / always available on Thursdays)

For the craftsmen booking such orders is particularly at the present time very important.


Don't forget: the "Service provider is customer" icon in when search results are displayed indicates which tradesmen are also your customers.

Your JAROWA team